Paper No. 2
2005-11-20 14:11:16 ET

Starting it now, hope i finish it by tomorrow ...

Plan for next semester, don't wait til last minute to do papers. Dur!


haha i just found my paper that the professor gave me for the requirements, and it has an outline on it. she tells us exactly what to do step by step...this is going to be a piece of cake! haha

2005-11-20 14:18:12 ET

I'm writing a paper too!

It's due tomorrow, and I'm almost done.

2005-11-20 14:21:45 ET

I'm writing a newspaper. A lil' bit different.

2005-11-20 15:13:08 ET

yeah newspapers are a lil different.

this is another 7-10 page one but i dont' need as many references as i did on the last one, in fact she never gave us a number, just told us we had to have references to support our ideas.

i have to decide whether or not to keep the juvenile justice system. if i say yes, i ahve to give 3 ways to improve it, and if i say no, i have to come up with 3 alternatives.

i'm going with yes, jsut cause it's easier haha.

2005-11-20 18:03:26 ET

w00t for outlines..they make life easier

2005-11-20 19:31:22 ET

they do indeed, although it's midnight thirty and i'm still only on page 3 (almost page 4) i'm working slow tonight, damn this weekend for being a busy one!!

2005-11-20 19:33:11 ET

good luck ms. tash

2005-11-20 20:05:58 ET

I'm almost done! I have to hand mine in at 2:30 tomorrow, so I'm going to wrap it up tomorrow morning.

2005-11-20 21:00:29 ET

Mine is due at 4:00, but I have to work til probably 2:00, and I have to leave my house by 3:00 in order to get to class on time, so I have to finish mine tonight, and i'm finally on page 6 but I have thrown the outline out the window haha, I am just typing it. I'll probably fail, but at this poitn I just want to finish and turn it in. I'm having a harder time than I thought I would as far as keeping my thoughts organized and finding things to related betweent he book we had to read and the resources I had to find.

*bangs head against wall* i must not do this to myself next semester dangit! i have to raise my GPA not make it tumble.

2005-11-21 08:28:41 ET

I finished! Just a few minutes ago I printed it out.

It was supposed to be 5 pages (which I think is WAY TOO SHORT), but it's 9, and she's just going to have to deal with that.

Good luck! Next semester when we're both writing papers I'll remind you not to do this again :)

2005-11-21 09:44:44 ET

haha thanks i'll definitely need that reminder!

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