Happy Turkey Day
2005-11-24 14:17:01 ET

Hey all

Happy Turkey Day

We stayed home, til just now, we are about to leave..*grumbles* i hate this cause we are goin to get over there and they are going to give us a bunch of crap about "where have you been?" like they care. so hopefully we wont' be there late cause i still have 3 assignments to do for my online class(i'm doing them ahead of time so i dont' forget them) and then another one to do for my other class that requires me to actually make a survey...*grumbles again*

oh i was checking my grades tonight, i have 2 C's and a D- in my online class WTF?!!!!

but if i do all the rest of the assignemtns (the ones i'm doing now) and get at least an 80 on the next test and do the optional final and get at least an 80 on that I'll get a B in the class so that rawks hardcore.

The other classes, my grade will depend on the papers, which are still in the process of being graded so we'll see how that goes :)

Oh an di didn't get the job I applied for, but my friend liz made a good point, after i had called 2 times leaving a message for him both times and then went in on Saturday and asked him abou the position and he said he'd call, do I really want to work for someone who doesnt' have the common curtosy to call me and tell me "yeah you got the job" or "sorry we filled the position already"? Not really, that's kinda rude. Even fi you are busy, do it before you open or on lunch or after close or something. I dunno so now i have to try an deither get more hours where I am now, or get another job cause 57 a week isnt' cutting it, especially when I have car insurance, car payment, computer payment, target visa payment, not to mention gas and parking at school. blah! hahah but i'll survive, i've made it this far hehe

anyway happy turkey day all hope it was swell for everyone

2005-11-24 15:54:19 ET

gobble gobble

2005-11-25 08:08:29 ET

*does the 'i just stuffed myself to the brim with turkey' dance*

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