2005-11-28 03:00:01 ET

This weekend was awesomely cool! We (my cousin and I) saw Rob Thomas and Anna Nalik live...they both rawked!

I knew Rob would cause i've seen him before, but I had no clue who the girl was til she sang "Breathe" which is an awesome song and if you haven't heard it go listen!

Also, went to pick up Stitch (vi's dog) cause her manager at the apartments is a bastard so I'm keeping him now. Poor thing got a flea bath at 11:00 last night haha, but damn them lil buggers were falling off like mad crazy. Poor Suzie, I have to quarentine Stitch in my room til I get them off for good, cause she's seriously allergic, and she keeps trying to get in here :( I feel so bad, I'm going to have to love on her extra once the fleas are gone so she knows I'm not mad at her.

umm..oh and I have a page on myspace.com now so go check it out...


well if you have an accoutn and you want to haha. feel free to add me if you want, don't have to ask, i'm pretty much approving anyone..hehe the more friends the cooler i am or...something i don't know.

anyway peace out, going back to sleep hopefully, for another hour or so before work.

*runs around singing Happy Birthday To Me" hehe...mommy got me an iPod video...I'm drooling...my mom is so rad! hehe ;) (yeah vi i stole rad from you ...get over it :p) haha

2005-11-28 04:26:57 ET

HAPPY BIRFDAY Ms Tasha! *throws party favors everywhere*

2005-11-28 12:11:12 ET

you totally didn't mention the RAD gift i got you!!!! or made for you rather....

and yeah, steal my words...i don't care, josh has stole all of them! so everyone in penguin land thinks he is fan fucking tastic now!! bastard!

2005-11-28 17:59:17 ET

haha sorry though about forgetting your rad ass present biotch hehe ;) i was planning a post for it by itself and was too out of it when i posted this to do that one too.

2005-11-28 18:38:50 ET

haha, it's all good, i am just giving you shit!! tehe

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