2005-11-29 02:28:44 ET

I'm skipping my post about yesterday to go straight to the fact that people friggin suck.

I need to not be so nice to people. No one in my Research, Data, & Methods class is willing to get me a copy of their notes for 2 days I missed after our latest test. And Liz keeps forgetting to ask the person she got them from before and our test is in well it's the final so it's in like 3 weeks and i need to do good on it. You know if someone gives you notes in a class you should at least be willing to return the favor once. I helped someone out and if i could remember who that was I'd be messaging them personally and not the entire class. Oh well, my fault for missing class.

if you'd like to see what my day was like yesterday, here's a link to the post about it on myspace.com

2005-11-29 06:51:41 ET

Jeeze Girl, i thought i had a rough bday last year with being sick and all.
Sorry to hear about your cell, your car and everything else that went nuts.
I hope your having a better day today.

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