That's right
2005-12-16 07:52:19 ET

I'm in Jamaica and you aren't...well maybe you aren't...and if you aren't...then NEENNERRR!! haha

I'll be gone in Jamaica til the 21st then gone again til the 27th.

So everyone have a great holiday whatever your holiday is and I'll post bunches of pictures when I get back.


Much Love
Peace Out

2005-12-16 09:58:23 ET


2005-12-16 23:35:36 ET

*sends xmas card to you anyways* you should have one when you get back, im mailing them out monday :D.
Have a great time miss Tash.

2005-12-22 11:22:42 ET

*jumps on Mark* OMG haha I haven't talked to you in forever and longer then that. ^_^ Hope you are doing well , I really need to make rounds on here more often *nodnod* I miss out on too much it seems. Oh and I did enjoy Jamaica, and I miss it already haha. I missed it as soon as I got to Atlanta and had to deal with all the rude ass one in Jamaica was rude except other American tourists haha...go figure!!

Thanks brad! I think I sent you one out , I mean I know we made one I just don't know if mom mailed it yet or not, I think so though cause there are no random piles of cards laying around anymore so she must have taken care of it. also you should have gotten the package too *nodnod*

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