And I'm back for a day
2005-12-22 11:23:19 ET

This will be a long one filled with lovely pictures haha (well not all of them)

so here's how the holiday has gone so far (on my way to kc tonight)

Went to Jamaica
Spent most of Sunday in the ocean..lovely lovely jamaican ocean (the only one i'll ever do anything in)
Went snorkling Monday
Kristen got married Monday
Spent Tuesday preparing to do things that I never did, and preparing to leave
Left Wednesday

I know this post doesn't make it sound like it but this was one of the top 5 vacations I've ever had, if not top 3.

All drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) and food were included in the package so it was all you can drink and all you can eat. And the only time you couldn't get food somewhere on the resort was between 6:00-7:00 am when they were setting up for breakfast haha. It was awesome and I loved it.

Here are some highlights...(i'll try and keep it minimal)

ok edit, can't add the pics just yet, it's taking a hella long time to upload then onto my picture site so I'll add those in a reply to this later.

and also, yeah I don't remember...damnit! haha

2005-12-22 11:32:22 ET

I love the carribean *gets a glazed look in his eyes*

2005-12-22 19:06:04 ET

Glad you had a good time tasha, i was going to message you today, didnt know for sure if you were hom yet or not, forgot when you were going to come back. I want pictures i say!

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