Back home again
2005-12-26 18:16:47 ET

In Indiana...*cries*

So anyway, christmas is over now, time to prepare for the new year.

I've got loads of pictures from Jamaica to post, check out the avatar..*falls over laughing* people get way too drunk sometimes haha.

I'll post some later on though I'm too tired right now.

Merry christmas late everybody!!!


Brad---sent you a few merry christmas messages and one about moms car (i'll post about that later too) got a merry christmas one back from you. also wanted to know if you got the package or not as well as the christmas card. things were so messed up this year we forgot to mail out half our cards, want to make sure your's got out.

2005-12-27 04:26:24 ET

i sent you some back, my text stuff was messed up the other day though, i just got it working again on friday. i sent out a few xmas ones to you and then sent some other back saying that i had gotten the package and loved all the stuff you sent (ben hasnt taken his shirt off since he got it..haha) I didnt get the card however. I have you and your mom one at the house but i didnt get a chance to mail it out :( thus why i was going to call on xmas day and wish you merry xmas wiff my voice.

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