I really really really want to go home...
2006-02-01 18:33:14 ET

Mom and I talked about it more tonight, but somehow our talk made me feel further and further away from it actually happening...

2006-02-10 20:39:50 ET

where is that? Ireland? Nova Scotia?

2006-02-11 16:36:31 ET

Those are from Ireland and Scotland. The top is Ireland and the bottom is Loch Ness in Scotland

2006-02-11 21:25:02 ET

hehe i got one right! yay!

2006-02-12 18:05:25 ET

indeed indeed. you weren't too far off ^_^ nova scotia is new scotland hehe

2006-02-12 18:49:00 ET

Yay I feel smartness. I may try a crossword now. :)

2006-02-12 19:48:18 ET

The only crosswords I try are TV guide ones haha. Or the ones where they give you the words but there's nothing in the crossword..for some reason i'm addicted to those things. i'm weird with puzzles like that.

2006-02-13 02:04:04 ET

i suck at them because my pop culture knowledge isnt updated enough hehe

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