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2006-02-12 19:51:39 ET

yesterday was Olivia's 6th Birthday Party. (She turned 6 on the 5th but whatever haha)

so i of course made her cake, and i of course couldn't find a cake pan so therefore i had a nervous breakdown and spent 5 hours trying to make a cake with the head of a Bratz character on it. I still don't think I did that well but a few people recognized it as a bratz cake (though that could be from the decorations all over the house but ssshhhh let me think i did a good job haha) so here's a pic of it. her eyes are crooked but if you look at pictures of those dolls most of them have their head's sideways so it's kinda hard to judge.

also here's a shot of emilee and olivia together

and of poor andrew who somehow got turned into a girl last night..
(he's the one pushing the carrage and wearing the flowers) i also just noticed it kinda looks like jake is going to beat him up for being a sissy..haha poor kid!!

and last but not least, i put this on my myspace page too..trying to see if anyone else notices what my cousin noticed in the middle of the party which caused us all to get the church giggles.

2006-02-12 19:57:28 ET

Aww! That's so great :)

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