I'm Alive...
2006-07-06 14:14:58 ET

I promise I am.

Just never on here. not that I'm that missed haha.

Umm not much to say.

Saw a pretty rad billboard on my way to my mom's work the other day..when it first started out it was just red and only said "I Pooted" which made me laugh because it's right by this place that sells cow poop so it always stinks over there.

Anyway yesterday i saw it again and now it's got this guy from cartoon network on it making a funny face and holding his hand up..and it still just says "I pooted"..I laugh just as hard everytime I see it.

Other than that lifes still the same. Internet classes start next week, still at the same job, still living at home...still have no life.

Yay for me!

2006-07-08 17:40:04 ET

ohh ive seen those billboard downs here ...i wanna know what company they are for...do you know?? there was another funny one down the road after the "i pooted" one but can't remember what it said.

2006-07-10 16:57:52 ET

it's not for a company it's just an advertisement for some cartoon network cartoon i guess haha. there is the little cartoon network icon in the corner of the billboard.

2006-07-10 17:36:28 ET

you got good eyes! i went by it again last night and didnt see it lol...it's still funny as hell though

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