Things I've Learned Since I've Been Away
2006-11-23 19:49:08 ET

Sometimes When You Meet New People You Learn New Things About Yourself.

Weight Comes Easier Than It Goes

Love Is Fleeting & Confusing As Hell

My Life Is In A Stasis

I Rock At Boggle

2006-11-23 20:54:05 ET


You live!

2006-11-24 07:26:31 ET

I do live!

It's amazing isn't it ^_^

2006-11-24 07:28:53 ET

Indeed. Wonders never cease.

PS- you figure out how to reverse that weight thing, write a book and make billions so I can hit you up for a loan later.

2006-11-24 07:33:10 ET

I'm gonna do some research on that, I'll let you know how it turns out ^_^

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