Health Status: Pending
2006-11-30 09:22:03 ET

I just finished round two of testing to find out what's wrong with me. Round two was the ultrasound. That was bizarre.

Round three is scopes into my tummy and elsewhere haha...i'm hoping i don't get that far but i'm thinking that's going to be where the issue is ...which sucks!

Now i'm working on my informative speech...the history of that a word? guess i'll find out in a minute.
i'm also converting the speech i already wrote and gave into an outline cause i suck at doing the outlines first..this was due a few weeks ago..i'm so behind..stupid holidays and being sick!

2006-11-30 13:39:45 ET

Awww. :-( That doesn't sound like fun.

2006-11-30 17:18:19 ET

It's not a whole lot of fun, but I'd rather go through all this crap to get rid of the random bouts of sickness I get every month.

No pain no gain right? haha

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