The neverending boredom of my life
2006-12-02 18:58:53 ET

I'm currently addicted to Cubis 2 and Boggle.

I just bought some stuff for myself with the giftcards I got for my birthday, nothing exciting I guess.

We put up our christmas tree two nights ago, I was still cleaning the sap off myself yesterday...I somehow was the one who "volunteered" to lay under the tree and rig it to stay up, the one we got this year was kinda wobbly.

I'm trying to locate a copy of Final Fantasy XI and I found one at Best Buy for $30 that has all the expansion packs in it too...I'm excited. Now I just have to motivate myself to go buy it.

I have still managed to put off doing my final speech..I'm probably going to get a shitty grade in the class for waiting so long..I'm a loser.

I just realized that I think I missed my final essay due date...*smacks self* damn my busy weekend of nothing to do for distracting me into thinking i have nothing to do.

I bought someone a mystery christmas present today, that rawks. I love doing that to people because they have no idea it's coming and therefore can't feel obligated to buy me something...neeneer! (and no vi it's not you cause you know i buy you something every year so that doesn't qualify as a surprise^_^)

2006-12-02 19:41:22 ET

Hi there stranger. I messaged you the other day and didnt get a reply. Im going to send you your presents in the mail as soon as i can. I think i owe you for two bdays and two xmas's now so im sorry. :(

2006-12-03 06:26:59 ET

hey it's not like i've been sending you presents don't owe me anything so don't worry about sending me stuff :P

if i don't reply that means i don't get them. bre and i have this problem all the time. i never get any of her messages.

2006-12-04 05:31:29 ET

i so didn't think it was me...silly...haha

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