September 04, 2007 5:52 pm
2007-09-04 12:55:47 ET

I got back to good ol' p-town on Sunday.

We stopped at the Navy Pier in Chicago on the way home.

It was fun.

Then we came back here and hung at the mall for a while.

Bought a new shirt.

Bought too much at the concert on Saturday, but it was fun.

Wish I could have fun like that more often.

Stitch <3'd Ben, can you tell...

2007-09-04 16:49:33 ET

IT'S BEN!!! <3

2007-09-04 17:11:34 ET

Yup it's Ben

He's coolness

And Stitch found him to be mighty comfy

2007-09-05 19:47:36 ET

I <3 him...he's crazy. He kept his pants on no?

2007-09-06 08:00:10 ET

Haha nope well most of the time he did

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