September 09, 2007 12:55 am
2007-09-08 19:56:12 ET

It's almost 1 am and I can't sleep.

I guess that's what I get for drinking a Chai and code red mt. dew before bed.

This is what I did to occupy my time over the last hour...

I was bored and unable to sleep so I made this Do You Want To Date Me Application. I came up with some of the questions myself; others were “borrowed” from various other places. This application can be filled out in part or in full, but the more you fill out the better off you’re going to be. Please, even if the question seems to just be a yes or no type, don’t answer with just yes or no…elaborate when necessary. And as they say on job applications, an answer of yes (or no) does not automatically mean disqualification.

The Boring Stuff (in no particular order)

Occupation/Source of Income:
Highest Level of Education:
If you are still studying, what are you studying:
User of illegal substances:
If you smoke pot, how much a part of your life is it:
Ever cheated on a girlfriend:

What are the last 3 of the following that you purchased:

DVDs(or VHS if you still have them):
Video Games (if you play):

Random Questions

1. What did you do this past weekend?

2. Have you ever been convicted of or charged with a felony?
3. Could you see yourself living anywhere other than where you live now?
4. Can you/do you cook?
5. Favorite vacation spot?
6. Would you rather go out to a club or stay home and watch a movie?
7. Do you care that I’m not a super-social person in situations where I don’t know many people?
8. Do you like animals? Have any pets?
9. Do you have issues I should know about?
10. Phobias?
11. Are you big into holidays/anniversaries?
12. What’s your philosophy on travel?

13. Are you filling this out for the heck of it, or are you serious?
If you said you are serious, then you can continue. If not, there’s really no need to continue…

14. Do you follow any type of organized religion and do you have a problem if I don’t follow one?
15. I am a very open-minded person and have family members as well as friends who are homosexuals, what are your feelings on this and would this be a problem for you to be around these people?
16. Even though I touched on this before earlier, I can pretty much tolerate any kind of music save a few very specific things, what music do you like most and would it be a problem if we didn’t like the same?
17. Do you consider sex to be a large part of your relationships, meaning is it something that has to be a daily/weekly thing?
18. Ever thought about having/adopting kids?
19. Would you ever be willing to relocate out of the United States?
20. How jealous are you?
21. How much time do you “need” to spend with me or spend talking to me?
22. Do you have a problem with me having friends of the opposite sex?
23. I’m pretty close to my extended family (the ones that live here in the U.S.), would you be ok with going to family gatherings, even if you didn’t know anyone?

And finally…

Did I miss something? Tell me anything you want me to know:

2007-09-08 21:56:20 ET

Good questions. I think if I had asked those questions before I got married we would have had a lot less arguments... lol

2007-09-09 04:20:07 ET

haha yeah its always good to get certain things figured out ahead of time

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