Cake or death?
2007-09-19 07:47:58 ET

Apparently it chose death, not cake...

I just got home and walked in the door of the through the kitchen and heard a big bang.

Now, I'm used to hearing the humming birds throw eachother into our glass door because they fight over the food...but this was louder so I thought maybe the neighbor kids had thrown a ball or something...

So I look and there is this mark on my door ...then I look down and there is a pigeon/dove lying there...almost dead...then it died.


It seriously flew straight into our back door. You can see the mark where it's chest, head, and wings hit.

I almost cried because it died before i could do anything but dumbass broke it's own neck.

The other day mom found a finch dead outside..

I think the birds are slowly committing suicide...does life suck that bad for them?

2007-09-19 09:31:34 ET

They'll fly into windows for what ever reason. I think if the windows are too reflective they don't *see* them and thus *wap*

I've been in a building when a bird's smacked up against the window before. It's not that uncommon, really, but certainly note worthy!

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