November 8, 2007 9:56 am
2007-11-08 04:58:45 ET

I'm supposed to be at work already but I called and told them I was running late.

Not that they care, so long as I show up and get work done that's all that matters. I'll probably force myself to stay til 5 today.

Hopefully things will change soon and I'll get the job at Starbucks.

*crosses fingers*

I really need the extra money

It's only part time but if I work at least 20 hours a week I get benefits which rocks and I get a bag of coffee/tea each week and free drinks while I if I'm not already addicted to caffine (which I am) I'll be worse off if I get this job haha, but hey more caffine = more energy = more energy to exercise = happy tasha!

so yeah let's hope i get the job

now off to my current job

hope everyone has a great day


2007-11-09 02:37:41 ET

I'd adore free coffee shop drinks!!! I get 10% off at Wal-Mart coffee shop drinks beats that.

2007-11-09 04:05:29 ET

we get 30% when we aren't working so that rawks

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