January 22, 2008 8:25 am
2008-01-22 03:31:08 ET

Laying here trying to sleep which is increasingly difficult with the idiot puppy upstairs that they obviously don't have trained yet. damn thing runs all over and then barks and yelps and whines. i'm almost to the point of leaving them a note on their door and asking if they know that their dog freaks out when they leave the apt. my guess is they don't cause i doubt my neighbor down here can hear it since it seems as tho the dog is located directly above my bedroom ><<BR>
speaking of dogs, my 15 year old shih tzu is being put down Friday. she's having issues walking and seeing so mom can't stand to see her like that anymore. apparently she runs in to a lot of stuff when she is moving and otherwise doesn't move cause one of her back legs is really weak. it's time tho, the poor dog is pretty old. i thought i was going ot be ok with it but it hit me this morning and now i have a raging headache from crying so much. i can't be there when it happens so i'm hoping my mom will be ok. well i know she won't, but i hope she makes it through it ok. i'm going to see if she wants to keep stitch for a while so she isn't completely alone in the house. that's going to be the hardest part for her. i'm worried about depression setting in because i'm not there and now suzie won't be there so she won't have anything to do. i don't know what to do about it though, i already moved out not much i can do to change that cause i'm not going back now. i want to get her another puppy but i'm pretty sure she'd kill me if i did. i'll give it some time and see how she does, if it seems like she needs it then i'll go ahead and get her one. just she's very picky about the kind of german shepard she wants...i'll have to do some research.

i apologize for any spelling or grammar or spacing errors in this, i don't have my glasses on and i can't see the screen well. i'm too lazy to put them on right now since i'm probably just going to roll back over and go to sleep.

i don't know why i'm rambling...guess i'll stop now no one reads this shit anyway hah.

2008-01-22 07:37:03 ET

I hope your mom deals okay with Suzie. I know that'll suck. Mom had Elvis for almost 3 years and now that he's missing, she's a wreck. Hope everything works out.

How's the coffee job?

2008-01-22 16:53:51 ET

we actually ended up putting her down today so it was pretty hard, but mom's going to be ok eventually i'm sure.

coffee job is good, still need another one but for now it works

2008-01-23 01:23:19 ET

Josh works at Gamestop...It's one of those wonderful jobs just not enough hours to survive. We're getting a starbucks, maybe I can apply there.

2008-01-24 20:09:30 ET

just be warned it's harder than it looks haha but always remember, you're just making coffee

2008-01-28 06:41:14 ET

Yeah, I figured it wasn't easy. It was hard enough just making Capp's at home.

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