Saturday, March 8th 3:39 am
2008-03-07 22:39:57 ET

I decided to sit and share some random Tasha facts incase you wanted to know..granted you might not want to know..but you don't have to read this ^.^

- I don't like sleeping in the dark, unless I'm not alone

- I'd probably perish without music in my life

- I love scary movies, but I don't like watching them alone ><<BR>
- I play Family Guy for background noise when there's nothing on TV

- I'm not an "ass girl", oddly enough, I like backs (still haven't figure that one out)

- I'm used to being alone, but that doens't mean I like it

- I eat fried noodles when there's nothing else to cook

- I have a tattoo and want more

- I like some of Britney Spears' music

- I really wish I could pull off some kind of mohawk hairstyle

- Purple Rain is one of my essential albums

- When someone messes with my hair I get goosebumps

- I'm EXTREMELY ticklish, and I will hurt you if you try but not on purpose, it's reflex.

- Pleasantville is one of my favorite movies

- I have far more shoes than I know what to do with, they currently occupy 2 tubs in my closet, I wear maybe 4 pairs

- I will always worry about being that annoying girl everyone talks shit about

- I like skippy peanut butter ^.^

- One of my defensive behaviors is to turn into a sarcastic bitch, I tend to be somewhat sarcastic all the time, however if I've been hurt I get bitchy...and hurtful back. >< it's a girl thing I guess<BR>
- I love playing in warm rain

- I am a sucker for romantic things

- It might not show but I am pretty confident about who I am as a person

- However, I don't like making the first move...just incase I screw it up ><<BR>
- Though I try to hope for the best, I don't usually set my expectations very high, that way I don't get disappointed.

2012-01-31 10:14:03 ET

you are awesome. #justsayin'

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