Its been a while.
2009-06-15 11:28:09 ET

Needless to say a lot of drunken debuachery has gone on and I leave this monday for the summer on a general duties tasking.

Exams this week, finally done school, fucking yay. Missing grad parties but I made up for that last week end >:D

Went to my buddies annual cottage gathering, had a blast (free keg...don't ask how)and tons of swimming, water skiing, tubing, fishing, and more. Was awesome. Went to another party and got into a fight after kicking a douche out of my buddies house, thats was also awesome. Cons: someone stole my backpakc and MP3. Probably why I was angry enough to get into a brawl, haha.

So anyways, I wish you all an awesome summer!


2009-06-15 21:26:41 ET

woot (:

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