2007-03-08 18:16:49 ET

I've been playing a really neat MMORPG for about a month or two now and it's called LastChaos. It's pretty fun and it's like a lot of others, I'm a nerd, lol jk, but yea, it's a pretty fun game, anybody heard of it?

2007-03-08 18:31:57 ET

I've heard about it and looked into but never got around to downloading it and playing. How are the controls?

2007-03-08 19:22:55 ET

i think i played it. shadowbane is better. and its free now. but im currently playing wow off and on.

2007-03-09 05:43:23 ET

OFF TOPIC: remember when we used to whistle the begining of 'Devils Dance Floor', and Scott would get so pissed off?

2007-03-09 13:00:32 ET

Off Topic: Hahaha, yea, that was great, we have to do it again this summer because he thinks he'll come out there for like a month or so if he goes at all.
On Topic: The controls are good, like regular controls, use the mouse and click anywhere to move, click on something to attack it, press A to go to your actions, stuff like that.

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