2007-03-14 14:45:30 ET

Is in two days. Sweet sweet Spring break, how lovely the sound. Only one week though, then it's back to hell, I mean, school, yea, school.....

2007-03-16 10:08:13 ET

You guys get rodeo break, so quit complaining.
Oh...I think grandma is coming out there. Ha ha!

2007-03-16 10:49:24 ET

Haha, yea, on the 21st. *Purple Gown of the Old +6*

2007-03-19 08:38:19 ET

people on here will think we're retarded. meh.

2007-03-19 10:07:58 ET

Meh, oh well, we'll have our fun and Grandma can kill ancient beasts with her *Staff of Elderly +10 to all attributes*

2007-03-19 10:27:09 ET

Remember that huge truck that almost killed us at that intersection when you guys were here last time. I thought I was gonna die!

2007-03-19 13:22:41 ET

Lol yea, the giant semi that almost bombarded us with it's hood, yay, we almost died.

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