2007-03-29 12:21:51 ET

School's boring. I'd rather watch paint dry or wake up at 3 in the morning and just lay there, those things are waay more funner than school. More funner, lol.

2007-03-29 14:41:30 ET

'funner' is why your ass needs to stay in school.

2007-03-29 16:49:57 ET

South Carolina is the greatest.

And yes...funner is a reason why going to school is necessary. Hurry...RUN TO THE CLASSROOM.

2007-03-29 18:55:08 ET

"Funner" happens to be a very good word, right along with foopid. Lol it's still written on the caution tape that's still hung up, =P.

2007-03-30 05:27:33 ET

THAT TAPE IS STILL THHERE?!?! Dude, I put that up like, over two years ago! Take a picture of it and send me it.

2007-03-30 15:59:05 ET

Lol, I can't, I don't have a camera, lol.

2007-04-22 15:25:01 ET

school is bullshit. especially college. you pay $20,000 a year to read a book and get tested on what you read.

2007-04-22 17:53:38 ET

lol (:

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