2007-03-31 06:07:32 ET

I was born today..I guess...yay....

2007-03-31 06:45:06 ET

Happy Birthday! and hooray for weekend birthdays and no school!

2007-03-31 07:26:14 ET

Happy Birthday!

Next time let me know in advance so I can sell some CD's and use the money to get you a card.

2007-03-31 07:29:07 ET

Happy Birthday.

2007-03-31 09:36:33 ET

Happy birthday!

2007-03-31 11:32:23 ET

Happy birthday!!

2007-03-31 15:51:46 ET

Thanks! [: lol, why do you always have to sell something to get things you want? =P

2007-04-01 10:48:32 ET

because I'm always poor

2007-04-01 16:05:01 ET

lol, that's why u need a jobbbb.

2007-04-02 05:14:03 ET


2007-04-02 12:52:41 ET

lol pull chris's weeds......oook....just get a small job or something....

2007-04-03 12:09:27 ET

there's no jobs around here unless you're Latino, a college grad, or a Yankee that knows about banking.

2007-04-03 13:37:32 ET

yay! ur all three! u should come out here and sleep on our crusty futon while i scream at u because u look like a clown.

2007-04-04 11:23:59 ET

Im not latino...I am not a graduate...and I am only like, half yankee

2007-04-04 14:04:24 ET

AHA!!!! I TOLD YOU! come out here ): buy a plane ticket or drive ur car that does a max of 50.

2007-04-05 07:18:45 ET

I can't buy something when I have NO MONEY

2007-04-05 13:10:12 ET work or something and get money or beg on the street till u have enough.

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