2007-05-06 10:56:32 ET

I'm posting this from my PSP, lol it takes a while but it's my first time. I saw spiderman 3 last night, it was awesome, I won't give it away in case someone's gonna see it. Well, later people.

2007-05-07 04:37:39 ET

Nice colors. I for one don't give flip about spiderman :-P but I'm glad you liked it!

2007-05-07 08:58:28 ET

thanks (:
you should go see the condemned or something.

2007-05-07 10:57:50 ET

I don't really know of anything playing at the moment that I want to see.
The last movie I saw was the Reaping. What a peice of poo that was.

2007-05-07 11:32:43 ET

lol i wanted to see that, go see hot fuzz.

2007-05-07 11:35:18 ET

Oh yeah, I forgot that was playing! I do want to see it.
But It isn't showing around here...have to go to Charlotte (reality: I have to wait for the DVD)

2007-05-07 11:38:46 ET

See if the link works on there.

2007-05-07 11:39:23 ET

hold on...applying at wal-mart online. yeehah!

2007-05-07 11:40:36 ET

lol 2 people in our family will be working at wal-mart, yay!

2007-05-07 11:43:25 ET

cycle of poverty

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