2004-02-26 16:11:39 ET

This is my first Journal Entry.

Hope You liked it!

2004-02-26 16:35:32 ET

Welcome to sk!

2004-02-26 17:10:23 ET


2004-02-26 17:11:49 ET

welcome :)

2004-02-26 18:29:49 ET

i love your first entry!
welcome shinystar!

2004-02-26 18:34:34 ET

Nice to meet you.

2004-02-26 19:59:39 ET

Your first entry is fabulous, darling.

2004-02-27 07:44:23 ET

welcome to sk

2004-02-27 10:24:38 ET

Heeyyyyy glad to have you here. ^^

2004-02-27 16:35:37 ET

Thank you.
More updates tomorrow when I can use my boyfriend's computer.

2004-02-27 16:57:34 ET

Welcome to SK

2004-02-27 18:27:45 ET

Whoops. guess I gave that one away.


2004-02-27 19:31:07 ET

welcome to SK...the addiction will set in, in a few days. enjoy!

2004-02-28 17:42:50 ET

Welcome ... though I am a tad late on saying such!

2004-02-29 06:52:39 ET

Hey! I like cats too.

2004-03-01 09:44:50 ET

Which kind of cat? Or just the garden variety feline?

2004-03-02 10:36:37 ET

Although I'm late, I'm on time...
Welcome. Please don't eat the cupcakes. They're actually an armed and organized militia.

2004-03-02 14:31:57 ET

As long as it is cute and fluffy, it's ok in my book.

2004-03-03 09:29:54 ET

Well shoot! What if I already ate one of the cupcakes?!

2004-03-03 09:49:23 ET

I'm sorry.
Betty Crocker (the godmother) has put a hit out on you. She's going to send you to sleep with the cookie dough... Just like that stupid doughboy...

2004-03-03 19:20:07 ET

What did you do, Ray?

I tried to think...


It can't be!

What is it?!

It can't be!

What did you do, Ray?!

Oh, shit!

It's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

2004-03-04 03:16:57 ET

mmmm... marshmellow....

nothing like a mellow marsh...

2004-03-04 09:37:58 ET

Oh. . .wow. . .

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