Thoughts, but quick ones.
2004-05-03 10:40:35 ET

I just added some new pics. today. Enjoy them. The cat seems to acclimating well. Julie emailed me today. I don't know quite what to do with myself. It's been a million years since I heard from her and I was so happy to see that email sitting there. I made out fairly well at the record shop on Saturday and elsewhere as it were. Perhaps later I can tell you what I got. Naw, I'll tell you now. I picked up: Tom Waits "Small Change", Simon and Garfunkel "Bookends", Simon and Garfunkel "Greatest Hits" (mneh) and I passed up a Ramones record that I really, really should have bought. I also purchased a John Denver Record to replace one I beat to shit. The guy gave it to be for a buck. Not that it was worth much more than that to begin with. My boyfriend, thought he would be funny and he got me a "Stray Cats" LP. :o) Alright, gotta run. Buh byes for now! :o)

2004-05-03 10:53:06 ET

oooh.. Tom Waits. *swoon*

2004-05-03 11:23:45 ET

Yer cats are adorable, just had to share ;)

2004-05-03 11:35:36 ET

One of 'em is mine.

(the one not choking on his own rope.)

2004-05-03 21:50:48 ET

lol. I think cats are rad. Mine is a bit of a fiend, but I suppose thats one of those things that makes a cat a cat, eh?

2004-05-04 02:32:28 ET

so glad that someone else also has the swoon factor over Sir Waits. The more I listen to him, the more I fall in love.

2004-05-04 02:33:52 ET

The cats are actually my best friend's. I'm just their god-mommy. But I love 'em like there were my own.

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