Tog in the machine
2006-03-20 08:19:17 ET

Tog in the Machine ~ Me

We no longer function as a unit;
there's a tog in the machine.
Can't someone reach into the gears
and pull the fucker free?

Indifference is the mask you wear
Mine was never close
I can not lie to save my soul
I miss you more the most.

It wasn't all that long ago
we set each other free
a stronger wind is blowing now
I wish we could agree.

Time has marched and wounds have healed
I'm waiting by the road
The dust is high, the air is thick
I'm hoping to be told.

Have some mercy, lie to me
pretend that you don't care
I won't believe you anyway
The words your eyes won't share.

I wait here with my suitcase
until the golden hour.
It's what the faithful do
when lovers hold the power.

A second less a second more
the clock ticks on in time,
The chime will tell what's in your heart;
the jury weighs the crime.

A faithful heart has waited here;
a faithful heart you'll greet.
I hold and hope and wait to see
if you walk down the street.

2006-03-20 11:05:44 ET

I will respond if you want

2006-03-20 12:02:22 ET

Thank you.
What do you mean you will respond if I want?

2006-03-20 17:41:41 ET

write some sort of poetic reply

2006-03-20 19:05:16 ET

very heart felt!

2006-03-21 03:28:50 ET

Matt: You may if you wish.

Riot: Thank you very much. :o)

2006-03-23 23:26:12 ET

thats beautiful!

2006-03-24 03:11:40 ET

Oh, thanks! **blushes**

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