2009-09-20 17:39:25 ET

Work has been just that. Work! Hours have still been cut. There are only a few reasons that I stay.....

1)There isn't shite for jobs out here!!!!

2)Get to work with some bitter old folk(Which is probaly what I'll be like when I get older), and they make me laugh. Which makes it somewhat enjoyable!

3)When I do sell my house. I can transfer. And use my current job as a foot in the door out in Vegas.

4)Get to walk up to hot chicks and moms galore. And ask them if they need help:P(*Oh! The one liners that come too mind when asking. Then that little mental record player skips, then back to reality.)And I don't get odd looks when I ask if anyone needs anything.Last Christmas I got this hot mom's phone number. Sadly! I was highly taken at the time:(

So far I've had 38 people interested in my house. The list is as follows. 1- severely interested(He's going thru a divorce, and doesn't want his ex to have her claws in it. His divorce will be finalized on Dec 3rd.)(*Was hoping to be long gone by Winter time!!!)3- Interested in purchasing and leveling the house too rubble for apartments! 13- Couples. Wanting to know if they could have the house on contract(*a lease to own deal. I guess that's a common thing out here?). The rest- Kinda half hearted. Got another call today,Will follow up on that in the morning.

May have some farm labour this week? It is the only thing currently keeping me afloat! It has helped me get all my bills for October paid already!!! So I'm still living extremely frugal where I can. Have internet and home phone. Just no tv(own one)aka cable. I am actually thinking of just getting a cell phone, and get rid of the home phone all together??? Still owe Sprint money from a few years back.So I'm not sure if I could work something out with them. And I'm sure the deposit will be horendous? Verizon said it would be at least 250 bucks plus phone costs for start up!!! Any decent companies out there???

2009-09-20 17:42:58 ET

if your friends are all pretty much on the same network you could get a pay as you go phone for that network?

2009-09-20 17:47:18 ET

True. During the day. I have a tendancy to text more then speak. And texting on a pay as you go phone can run up to 25 cents and up per text!

2009-09-20 20:41:40 ET

Vegas is a terrible place to live... just me to you.
trave; more ... vegas is fun, but stay there more than a week man.

2009-09-20 21:42:39 ET

I like t-mobile. with my bad credit and all I paid $250 for a G1 and love it. That's $150 for the deposit and $100 for the phone.

2009-09-21 05:37:52 ET

Sprint's highest deposit is $250. T-Mobile's flex pay is no deposit, but you pay the month in advance. So you'd get the phone and just pay the first month. Phones are cheap, as they're contractual. Virgin Mobile, to date, has the best plan I've ever seen. $9.99 a month unlimited talk, $10 a month unlimited text. You could lower that 49.99 rate to smaller plans (as low as 29.99 a month) as well as drop down to five dollars a month for a thousand texts. For a long minute, my cell bill was only 34.99 a month. I dunno dick about Verizon or AT&T.

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