2010-04-03 23:33:13 ET

Tonight while we were closing up shop some wannabe banggers and their stupid whores they had with them decided to run off with our tip jar some how without us noticing until it was too late. The made off with almost $60 bucks in tips which we worked our asses off for.

Great way to start off Easter sunday huh?

I'm so pissed I can't even fuckin draw for once. >:(

2010-03-29 16:53:37 ET

Decided to hop on chatroulette tonight with a giant drawing pad, and a sign that says "WHAT SHOULD I DRAW?". The results have been choice so far will post pictures later. :D
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2010-03-25 19:33:46 ET

Who knew she'd be so good with her wheelchair?
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2010-03-19 12:20:28 ET

As of late I've had an epiphany of sorts. I seem to like smaller breasts now. When I was younger the bigger they were the more I liked them but for the past few months I've ssem to be attracted to size C's and smaller.

I'm not sure if this is a sign of maturity in the sense of knowing what I want or if my tastes have simply changed.
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Happy St. Patricks Day
2010-03-17 12:51:15 ET

So far it's been quite the sober saint patty's day although I started drinking at 6am on the way to school. Went over to my girlfriends house ,where I'm currently still at, and she asked me to stay the night so I believe that's a good omen for tonight. Gonna grab some whiskey and more later and see where the night takes me.

Happy saint patty's day everyone. :)


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