4 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 18 seconds
2004-04-13 11:18:48 ET


and Pneumatic Detach


Get there by 8:30pm.

Don't forget to tell them you are there to see CERVELLO ELETTRONICO...or Snarf's band...or "The First Band". or leave me your name and I'll get you on a special reduced list for that night.

and if you want to hear me on the radio THIS THURSDAY Night at 11!!! you can do so on The Domain,88.9 FM If you can't get the station you can access it via web. Just look for it below on the first page. You might have to reload it a few times. Sometimes it gets busy.

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2004-04-13 11:50:19 ET

hey i'm going to that show! hopefully i'll get there early enough to catch your set (i drive in from upper westchester so its not so easy). you have any MP3's online?

2004-04-13 13:52:18 ET

Sure! You have to join Acidplanet.com(which doesnt give you a lot of spam and pretty easy) I have a radio on the main page of my website though http://www.cervelloelettronico.com . You can hear some quick clips there.

Definately if you want to get your money's worth, get there early ;)

If you want to leave your name for the reduced list let me know...

2004-04-13 15:42:27 ET

I'll be there.
I'll be the guy wearing black.

2004-04-13 16:50:15 ET

he'll also be wearing something with a pink bunny on it

2004-04-13 21:01:27 ET

mmm hopefully it's hollow and made out of chocolate.

2004-04-14 06:37:39 ET

I am hollow and made out of chocolate.

2004-04-14 06:40:07 ET


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