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 Is it Summer of 2009 already?    2009-06-15 07:29:00 ET
Well I think I'm finally due for an updated!

Cervello Elettronico has completed a new album that will be release sometime in the fall.

Two new tracks from it are uploaded to the Vampirefreaks player that's up on the myspace.

here are a few live dates for 2009 :)

Jul 25 - Phoenix AZ - Sadisco
Aug 8 - Las Vegas - Vector
Aug 28-Bogota, Colombia - Deadtech Festival
Sep 23-Los Angeles - Club Hell
Sep 25-Denver, CO - TBA
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 It's been a while but here we go!!    2007-01-26 20:35:39 ET
It's been a while since I updated but here we go.

Since I've been on here Cervello Elettronico has been signed to Crunchpod Records.

I've played quite a few more gigs including one in Montreal, Mexico, and Germany.

Here is what's coming up.

Next Wednesday in Salt Lake City!!

February 8th 2007 at The Killing Center
35 Plum St, New Brunswick, New Jersey with Caustic

and then in March...


Now available for Pre-Order!!!

     2005-05-09 23:20:55 ET
Day trip to Los Angeles this Wednesday!
See some of you there.

 Seattle / PDX recap    2005-02-14 06:33:25 ET
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[ music | Kid 606 - Parenthood ]

There were so many things going on last Thursday/Friday, it was pretty difficult for someone to decide where to be. You had the Monolith show in NYC, NYC Assault, and Aesthetic Perfection's performance at Perversion in Hollywood(not that I had any chance of getting $$ together to fly out there again). I wish there was some way I could have gone to all of these events but it was of course impossible.

I didn't go to any of the above.
What ended up happening was that I flew out to Seattle instead to play for Terrorfakt on stage for the show at The Vogue in Seattle and the following night for the show in Portland,OR. I am so glad I accepted the invitation because I had an EXCELLENT time. Airfare, accommodation, and expenses were pretty much taken care of.

Thursday I got into Seattle early in the morning. I've been there a few times and I like it actually, even though most of the year it's raining and some might say it's "depressing".(I prefer warm dry places) There are a lot of fond memories that I associate with that place and the pacific northwest. I found that the transportation system there was very easy and inexpensive. $1.25 to get to downtown from the airport. Once I got there I explored around(with my bags and gear in hand ugh). I grabbed some coffee and a bagel, made some phone calls on my cell, and killed time by seeing RAY. I thought it was a very good movie. I had no big interest in Ray Charles. I was never a big fan but the movie was quite interesting.

I met up with everyone at Musicwerks and we went to the venue. Ben was riding into town with the rest of the PDX crew. The show itself was pretty good. The crowd response was pretty big after the first song. Karloz from Manufactura came up on stage and did a song or two which was awesome. It was great seeing him and the other Seattle folks again. Very interesting night. I didn't want to drink that much since all I ate that day was a bagel and coffee but one beer turned into 2... then I had my drink tickets... then some kind person bought me more beers hehe :) The rest is all drunken history.

After the Terrorfakt set I heard one of my old songs I believe "Detonation" being spun and I was like WTF??? So I ran up to the dj booth and discovered it was this guy Jeremy who is probably the best DJ in Portland in my opinion and not just because he played my song!lol
He was the one driving us back to PDX that night. He saw the sticker on my laptop and wasn't sure if that was me or not but he was a fan. So I got a thrill out of that. I gave him props. We ended the night with DENNY'S! Surprise. Surprise.

The next day in Portland was a little more laid back but we played another great show with a good crowd response. Some guy kept beating his head on one of the monitors lol.
Crazy PDX folks.

Saturday I just crashed. I wanted to go out for Acucrack and Edgey but I was too drained from traveling and the previous two nights. I had a great time. Hopefully I'll find some pictures somewhere and post them.

 Seattle and Portland    2005-02-09 09:54:15 ET
Come see me in Seattle and Portland!! I'll be on stage performing with Terrorfakt for both of these shows. I may bring some freebies to give out to the crowd.

I hear it's supposed to snow Thursday morning. BUTT it's very nice weather right now! Perfect for jogging.


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