Is it Summer of 2009 already?
2009-06-15 07:29:00 ET

Well I think I'm finally due for an updated!

Cervello Elettronico has completed a new album that will be release sometime in the fall.

Two new tracks from it are uploaded to the Vampirefreaks player that's up on the myspace.

here are a few live dates for 2009 :)

Jul 25 - Phoenix AZ - Sadisco
Aug 8 - Las Vegas - Vector
Aug 28-Bogota, Colombia - Deadtech Festival
Sep 23-Los Angeles - Club Hell
Sep 25-Denver, CO - TBA

2009-06-15 21:12:09 ET

i'll totally be at the LA show and there's a slight change for phoenix and vegas too depending on what i'm up to at the time.

and also did my silly myspace comment help to inspire you to update this thing? d-; lol

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