Horray for Hollywood!    2004-06-30 06:50:51 ET
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For all my west coast friends, I'll buy you each 1 Taco from Del if I see you here.

Monday September 20th 2004

Terrorfakt/Manufactura/W.A.S.T.E./Cervello Elettronico
The King King
6565 Hollywood Blvd
9PM Sharp! 21 w/ID Only $10!


 CE2K4 LIVE DATES [Jun. 25th, 2004|05:38 pm]    2004-06-25 15:56:20 ET
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Cervello Elettronico Update

Saturday Sept. 4th - Downtime - New York, NY
Wednesday Sept. 8th - Inferno - Madison, WI
Friday Sept. 10th - Phantasy - Lakewood, OH
Monday Sept. 13th - Davy's Uptown - Kansas City, MO
Wednesday Sept. 15th - Rock Island - Denver, CO
Sunday Sept. 19th - Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday Sept. 22nd - The TLounge - El Paso, TX
Sunday Sept. 26th - The Underground - Corpus Christi, TX

More to come...
Stay Tuned

 Pastperfect Review    2004-06-14 18:06:08 ET
I finally got my hands on a copy of the new Pastperfect DVD put out by VNV Nation.

I forgot how boring their live performance was and if you never saw them before you would be discouraged after watching the dvd. It has actually made me think about how I can make my live performance more entertaining after mastering things on the techincal side on stage.

Forsaken and Standing were the only superb live chapters that I really enjoyned watching.

The second disk was much better. There was a semi interesting interview on there with some tour follies and antics that revealed a lighter side to the duo. Mark Jackson looks like he's funny to be around when he drinks.

It was also interesting to see them singing with Andy from Icon Of Coil to The Horririst's One Night in New York City.

I also spotted djravage, djsyn, mechamilla, and myself at the Limelight show back in 2001. It was amusing to say the least lol.

I'm tempted to bring a video camera this fall lol.

Brief Cervello Elettronico Update
New music samples on cervelloelettronico.com will replace what is up there now in the next coming months.

I will have a 4 Track demo floating around to various promoters/djs that absolutely kicks mofo ass. After that I must plan for my live shows coming in the fall supporting Terrorfakt and Manufactura.

I might have to break out some toys on stage that I used in the production of my "new music" including a powerdrill, my Boss sp202, and Casio VL-Tone(Yup you read it right!) lol I have to see how much room I have.
[Confirmed tour dates will be coming shortly]

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 YEAH!!!!    2004-05-14 08:14:17 ET
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I can't get USHER's "YEAH" out of my head. IT's hysterical.
It's like Usher featuring Dave Chappelle.
Is Lil Jon for real?????
And now that I heard it last night at the strip bar with my friends, I can't stop thinking about bouncing boobies when I hear it.

I didn't want to mention it until everything was final, but I did get a job. I had to settle on something. I was running out of funds.

In early June a new Barnes & Nobles is opening up by St.John's University. I'll be in the music department. A few reasons why this is good: Medical, Dental, and Vision Care is provided.(yay I get to have a check up this summer) And 401K stock option eventually. PLUS some discounts on books, CDs, DVDs, AND they're affiliated with Gamestop!!! so I'll have a 25% discount on Playstation games!!!

There are many Metropolis and Ant-Zen titles in the B&N computer system. I'll try my best to recomend to get them in stock.

I also forgot to mention I did bartend on a boat cruise a few weeks back.
That was a nightmare. I'm close to getting a regular bartending gig in Jackson Heights, but I'm not sure I should take it. I do need the experience though.

and for some Cervello Elettronico News
I have a 3 tracks done for my demo.
Copies should be mailed out to various indie record labels by mid to the end of this June.(if anyone has suggestions let me know) There is also TONS of new raw material that needs to be worked on for the next(or debut) full length album. I'm not sure when "Killer Instinct" will be available, but that all depends on my label shopping efforts.

There may be a live show during the summer but nothing is confirmed at this point. It's more likely in the fall that a few shows will be set up (Austin, Kansas City, Madison, and New York City) opening up for Terrorfakt and Manufactura.

 4 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 18 seconds    2004-04-13 11:18:48 ET


and Pneumatic Detach


Get there by 8:30pm.

Don't forget to tell them you are there to see CERVELLO ELETTRONICO...or Snarf's band...or "The First Band". or leave me your name and I'll get you on a special reduced list for that night.

and if you want to hear me on the radio THIS THURSDAY Night at 11!!! you can do so on The Domain,88.9 FM If you can't get the station you can access it via web. Just look for it below on the first page. You might have to reload it a few times. Sometimes it gets busy.

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