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 amusing    2005-01-15 15:26:34 ET

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 Generals Gathered in their Masses    2004-12-10 08:31:11 ET
Last Tuesday I had an interview with Delta Air Lines, where I used to work as part of the ground crew at JFK. I went there for the same position but at the interview I was offered a chance to be a ticket agent which means I don't have to be out in the snow and rain. So I took the typing test... and passed by 50 words per minute.

The interview went pretty well. The older gentleman interviewing me was quite a character. He looked like the colonel from KFC but with a shorter beard. Maybe more like Captain Crunch.
He looks over my resume and sees my music history from the university, touring, and whatnot. I added those things to my resume to look well rounded.
So he asks me, "What is your all time favorite band or musician?"

Now this guy looked like a Beatles fan or even Led Zepplin.. even Hendrix. I stuck to being honest though.I told him "Black Sabbath!"

So he starts singing War Pigs to me lol. I guess that means it all went well then. Later on he was like "You're lucky I didn't sing Faeries Wear Boots!"
This was highly amusing at the time.

I spent like 4 hours there at JFK filling out papers, getting fingerprinted, hearing tested, and drug tested. All that fun crap. So everything looks like a done deal. I just don't know if I'll be outside working again or upstairs all comfy, but it looks like early to mid January I'll be starting.
So what does this all mean for Cervello Elettronico???

Delta Air Lines = Free Flying = More shows around the world this spring and summer.
I come cheap ladies and germs!!

Still working on the music for the album by the way AND making progress...

In other news...I would just like to remind everyone that tonight I'll be djing at the Ultra Sound Lounge again(please see my previous posts for more info). I'm not sure what time my spot is but I don't care. I have a bunch of friends coming. It's a friday, there's nothing else to do that's worth doing and I had fun last time there. So if come let me know! I'll put you on the guest list.

 KOMMENCEMENT    2004-12-02 14:44:32 ET
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Cervello Elettronico - Brain Damage(Final Mix) ]

Hello everyone in the Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware, and the Mary-LAND area!!!

This Sunday December 5th, get your ass to KOMMENCEMENT @ Sonar in Baltimore, MD so you can see the snarfness in action. There will be some merchandise(T-Shirts,CDs) at this show. I'm going to debut a few newly mixed tracks, that are on the new album due out spring 2005 Cervello Elettronico - Killer Instinct, and possibly one updated version of an older track off the Elememtary Unit self released EP.

I've also updated some links and stuff on CervelloElettronicoDotCom I still need to change the radio samples everyone must be sick of hearing the same old crap lol I know I am. Hopefully I'll get some new material up.


 I feel like beating this bitch in the face with a bag of rocks    2004-11-21 11:40:20 ET
[ mood | disgust ]
[ music | Klinik - Moving Hands(Tim Schuldt remix) ]

This was brought to my attention by DJ Hellraver from TERRORFAKT.

"There's an artist, Nathalia Edenmont, who kills cats, mice, doves, RABBITS, and other animals, mutilates their bodies, and then takes their photographs. She's on exhibit, among other places, at the Wetterling Gallery in Sweden. She has taken the top halves of five white mice and made them into finger puppets. She beat a cat to death with a stick. And this is called art. This is not only inhumane, but morally reprehensible.

Link to samples of the exhibit (warning! offensive content):

You might not want to look if such things do disturb you

The Wetterling Gallery's Justification of her work:

*****Link to the petition against her*****

[If you think this is wrong please repost this!]"


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