Blasphemy    2004-03-24 09:59:57 ET
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Hooverphonic - Battersea ]

I thought with all the success of "The Passion" they should bring back a certain movie by Monty Python at least to television. It looks like that will happen. coming BACK to a theater near you.

As for other news, many thanks to dj hellraver for inviting me up to Montreal for the weekend. I had an awesome time. Here is an unflattering picture as proof -
I was kind of sad to leave even though the weather was shit and I didn't speak a word of French.

Tonight is the Wolfsheim show. I'll probably see a few of you peeps there.

 Headed north for a few days    2004-03-18 13:52:53 ET

I'll be up in Montreal for a few days eating poutine and drinking high alcoholic content beer.

 Todd Phillips    2004-03-14 09:46:03 ET
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | 5F-55 - 4C2E 492E 532E 41 ]

Yesterday I saw Starsky & Hutch. It was Hah funny rather than hahaha funny but I still liked it.

S&H was directed by Todd Phillips who also did Road Trip and Old School but more importantly his first film was...

It's one of the most disturbing documentaries of a sick man you'll ever see.

I ended up missing DT this week for a few good reasons but don't worry. You'll all see my ugly puss there soon enough.

I found out the other day I'll be on "The Domain"(88.9WSIA) Thursday April 15th for an interview to promote the April 17th show at DT so that's cool. I'll post a reminder that week to refresh everyone's memories.

I'm going to go find somewhere to see WMXX.

 New Merchandise    2004-03-10 13:05:03 ET
[ mood | Bleah ]
[ music | Killing Joke - You'll Never Get to Me ]

A new EP
FREE w purchase of a T-Shirt
$3 without

This EP is a collection or what you might call a best of from what Cervello Elettronico has accomplished so far.

I didn't see the point to invest serious money into this EP since what I would have had to charge to cover my cost wouldn't sit right. I don't think my early "works" are worth it. Maybe they will be someday on Ebay though! You never know...

I have more faith and confidence in the material for the live show at Downtime on April 17th(which will include a set list of brand spanking new versions of the tracks on Elementary Unit including an exclusive track that will only be available on hellraver's new compilation once it gets past his rigorous screening process).

I have EVEN MORE faith and confidence in the newer material I have so far for the NEW full album (still untitled) which should be done by mid-summer at this rate. I hope to invest some serious time(possibly shopping it around to record companies) and money to get it produced better than I can on my laptop.

anyway... These items are a limited number of burned CD-R's with printed artwork on the cards. So I will give them away at what it will cost me to produce them! If there are any left over, they will be available through

Track <-> Title

1 - Vapor Lock
2 - Blood Type A
3 - Junky
4 - Detonation (2004)
5 - Kursk
6 - Fall
7 - Rocket 88

*A Limited number of T-Shirts Sizes:M,L,XL
$12 each

*not an actual image of shirt

 I'm goin back to cali......I don't think so    2004-02-22 10:26:23 ET
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Seabound - Torch ]

This past week I've been in Los Angeles. I'm sorry if i couldn't meet up with anyone but I was busy driving my brother around(the reason why he brought me) and I wasn't there for very long. I didn't even go to Bunker like I had planned.

We stayed at one of the best hotels I've ever been in. The Beverly Hilton. Finally I made it to Beverly Hills!
There was no Kelly or Dylan or Brandon or Brenda. There were a lot of cool car shops though. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maseratti.

Palm Springs was ok, the Joshua Tree park was cool, and Santa Barbara was really awesome. The only Celebrity we saw was Bill O'Reilly at a book signing(my brother's idea). He looked older in person. We both took some cool pictures.

Last night I was so tired I couldn't make Downtime. I'm getting a ride up to Rhode Island to see the Terrorfakt show tonight though which should be cool.

This week I will launch a new initiative to find employment. What's different you might say about this time? A week ago I passed and finished Bartending School so I have acquired some new skillz. Plus my friend gave me the inside scoop on Song(Delta)'s expansion in March. If I get enough dough plus the flight benefits I'll make WGT this year.

Besides all that I've been working hard on music for "Untitled Project" and the Downtime show.

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