Todd Phillips
2004-03-14 09:46:03 ET

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Yesterday I saw Starsky & Hutch. It was Hah funny rather than hahaha funny but I still liked it.

S&H was directed by Todd Phillips who also did Road Trip and Old School but more importantly his first film was...

It's one of the most disturbing documentaries of a sick man you'll ever see.

I ended up missing DT this week for a few good reasons but don't worry. You'll all see my ugly puss there soon enough.

I found out the other day I'll be on "The Domain"(88.9WSIA) Thursday April 15th for an interview to promote the April 17th show at DT so that's cool. I'll post a reminder that week to refresh everyone's memories.

I'm going to go find somewhere to see WMXX.

2004-03-14 09:48:21 ET

missing a night at batcave is never really all that bad, you know

2004-03-14 09:49:08 ET

Sometimes it's actually helpful.

2004-03-14 09:49:50 ET

oh yeah...

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