Let the drama begin...    2003-12-03 19:34:45 ET
OH look... A new place to pimp out club events around NYC thanks to Dino.


Everyone is welcome to join.

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 4:18 pm - I've been so addicted to that old school 80s synth sound lately    2003-09-24 11:47:58 ET
OK so the west coast will have to wait another year before it sees me claiming soil over there. I'm not financially ready to move right now and I think it's in the best interest for my music that I stay here and utilize my current resources.

I need to finish up 2 more songs and get some artwork for an EP by next week for something cool in the works which I will reveal when the time is right on CervelloElettronico.com

I'm going to school in November. Before then I have accepted a temporary job helping out with driving and stuff on the Terrorfakt/Ecraft 2003 tour.


10/02/03 - Nation - Washington, D.C.
10/03/03 - The Riviera - Atlanta, GA
10/04/03 - Fat Kats - Jacksonville, FL
10/05/03 - Liarís Club - Tampa, FL
10/06/03 - The Beta Bar - Tallahassee, FL
10/08/03 - The Rhythm Room - Houston, TX
10/09/03 - Sin 13 - San Antonio, TX
10/10/03 - Division One - Arlington, TX
10/12/03 - The Peanut Gallery - El Paso, TX
10/13/03 - Bash On Ash - Phoenix, AZ
10/15/03 - The Knitting Factory - Hollywood, Ca 10/16/03 - DNA Lounge - San Francisco,Ca
10/17/03 - Conanís Portland, OR
10/19/03 - Purple Onion Cabaret - Vancouver,BC CANADA
10/20/03 - The Vogue - Seattle, Wa
10/21/03 - The Balcony Club - Boise, ID
10/22/03 - Sanctuary - Salt Lake City, UT

I'll be at all of these shows. So this maybe be your only opportunity in a while to meet up with me.

I will also see all you people in Los Angeles the week of October 23 to the 27th! Hopefully I will get to see Lore, Sparky, 5arah, Tasha and anyone else who is out and about.

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 8:14 pm - wow, DJ HELLRAVER was really on fire last night!    2003-08-31 15:31:43 ET
Last night was my third straight week at the batcave. I think I'm going for a record or something. I had a grand ole time.

I'm now 80%/20% on not taking the job in Los Angeles.

If I had the money for the actual move maybe I'd jump at it, but from what I understand it's $600 alone just for gas money to drive my car out there. Maybe I can work out something by phone tomorrow when I speak to the nice lady from Delta.

Otherwise it's goodbye to that company.

I did a little clothes shopping since NY was having it's TAX FREE week. I also bought an Orbital cd I've been meaning to finally pick up and the new Hocico EP. Great stuff.

School starts Tuesday for me!!! (If I don't decide to move at the last minute)

If you hadn't already done so, check out My Music. It kicks some major butt and it is a little taste of the even greater music I am working on right now that is sort of (I'd hate to put a label on) Electroclash-ish.

Man it's been like 2 years since I've been on a stage. Look out for Snarf(me) to be invading at music venue near you soon.

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 12:00 am - Out there with the old so I can start working on the new    2003-08-22 20:01:10 ET
The Cervello Elettronico website is updated. It's nothing dazzling. Just basic. Visit it. Read it. Listen to the free music links and clips. Feel free to leave me any comments about it positive or negative.

I also have 5 free tracks available at Acidplanet.com. There is a link to reach them on the official site. If anyone is looking for an opening act, keep Cervello Elettronico in mind.

There is a possible job for me I'm waiting to hear about on monday and I'm taking care of my school work. Classes begin September 2nd. I think I will head up to Toronto next week for the Converter and DAFT shows.

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 4:09 am - Lothar of the Hill People!    2003-07-26 08:27:35 ET
There is this website out there called Friendster.com?

I'm not sure how many of you use it. I first thought it was pretty stupid. Now I go there everyday.

I now have 466,342 people in my Personal Network. I've found a lot of gay guys on there and some musicians pimping their material.
My mission now on that thing is to get over a million people in my Personal Network and collect every obscure character actor and famous icon out there.

So far I've got as friends: Lothar of the Hill People, Boner Stabone(from Growing Pains), Coach Lubbock, Booger, General Zod, Kurt Angle, Larry Dallas, and more...

I also found the city of Los Angeles yay!!

If you have Friendster, please add me to complete my mission! My email is theelectronicbrain@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

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