12:00 am - Out there with the old so I can start working on the new
2003-08-22 20:01:10 ET

The Cervello Elettronico website is updated. It's nothing dazzling. Just basic. Visit it. Read it. Listen to the free music links and clips. Feel free to leave me any comments about it positive or negative.

I also have 5 free tracks available at Acidplanet.com. There is a link to reach them on the official site. If anyone is looking for an opening act, keep Cervello Elettronico in mind.

There is a possible job for me I'm waiting to hear about on monday and I'm taking care of my school work. Classes begin September 2nd. I think I will head up to Toronto next week for the Converter and DAFT shows.

current mood: accomplished
current music: Converter - Shock Front

2003-08-23 03:26:52 ET

cool. cool. the site look nice man :-)

2003-08-25 11:25:28 ET

it's just something basic to give people info

New music up ahead.
I'm now ready for the hard shit!
Maybe we can finally Co-Lab-o-rate.

2003-08-25 15:30:54 ET

fo sho!

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