This summer is going to blow chuncks    2003-07-08 10:37:44 ET
I'm slowly recovering financially.
Still looking for a good job. I'd love something dealing with music. I'd even settle for working nights at some shitty rehearsal studio. I'm waiting to look into getting my ass back in school this fall. For all of you out there who are interested, here is some ELECTRONIC MUSIC EQUIPMENT FOR SALE.

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 3:48 pm - Dr. Phil    2003-04-04 11:08:18 ET
I finally reached that stage of being unemployed where I
wake up after noon and religiously watch daytime TV.
This Dr.Phil seems like the most reasonable man in the world.

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 10:27 pm - This pisses me off    2003-03-27 17:39:38 ET
What the hell is this crap?
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 1:26 am - Hmmm    2003-03-19 20:18:30 ET
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 17 1998 U.S. warships launched more than 200 cruise missile at Iraqi targets early Thursday morning, Pentagon officials told NBC News, as the the United States and Britain began an air campaign meant to punish Baghdad for its defiance of United Nations disarmament agreements. Shortly afterward, President Bill Clinton said he had acted only after exhausting all other options "for the safety of people everywhere." I missing something here?
Where were all the protesters back then?


 11:00 am - LA was fun, as always...    2003-03-17 06:16:27 ET

I've never really had a bad trip to LA. Except if you count
the time I was going to move in high school and had to come
back after registering for school there.
The club was fun. Good music, talked with a few peeps, and there was a lot of hot chickage there(good eye candy).
If I ever get the chance to stay in hollywood I will not use
priceline again. I was pretty far from everything.
Comfort Inn blows.
I decided to stay and extra day so I rented a car and did
the priceline thing, this time for the valley.
I ended up staying at the Alexander in Woodland Hills.
Very nice area. They gave me a whole suite for 36 bux!
Bowling was fun. DAmn I suck.I don't think I hit a pin
until the second frame.
It was just really cool to see and talk with friends.
There is turmoil at work due to the war and everything.
In about an hour I'll find out about my future.
If I get good news I'll be at C9 in Vegas.

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