1:26 am - Hmmm
2003-03-19 20:18:30 ET

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 17 1998 U.S. warships launched more than 200 cruise missile at Iraqi targets early Thursday morning, Pentagon officials told NBC News, as the the United States and Britain began an air campaign meant to punish Baghdad for its defiance of United Nations disarmament agreements. Shortly afterward, President Bill Clinton said he had acted only after exhausting all other options "for the safety of people everywhere."

ok..am I missing something here?
Where were all the protesters back then?

2003-03-19 20:25:45 ET

it was brief back then and there were no ground troops... it was far less determined...and apparently it just got swept under Bill's carpet along with his other dirt ;-P

2003-03-19 20:26:56 ET

That was done on the eve of his impeachment too.
Still 200 missiles can do a lot of damage.

2003-03-19 20:33:11 ET

yes, indeed...

...and i hear people preaching and praising the American way and saying how capitalism through the 80's had brought the U.S. out of gov't central planning and into more of a free market trade...

is it just me or does it seem like an uncanny coincidence that at that same time the U.S. began loads and loads of covert ops around the world...including Afghanistan and arming the Mujahadeen, which is now know as Al Qaeda... and spreading "The American way" to peoples all over the place... and thus making it capable for U.S. business men to set up sweat shops abroad and enslave peoples of other countries and exploit them for their natural resources because the gov.'t knew that it was against the law here and the people wouldn't allow it...

...ok, i'm ranting all over your page now...haha ;-P

2003-03-19 20:36:24 ET

Yeah I agree.
The 80s were a sham, it only looked like everyone had money.

2003-03-19 20:46:09 ET

i don't know if i'm right about it but it seems to coincide with certain things... the U.S. gets itself into dirt it thinks won't ever get them dirty one day

2003-03-19 22:37:39 ET

'The rich got richer and the poor got poorer'...basically sums up the 80s.

2003-03-20 07:01:43 ET

The "American" way is very subjective term.

This war is harmful econimically.


2003-03-20 12:28:44 ET


i'm glad my tax dollars go towards funding the largest military power on the face of the planet *groan* </sarcasm!>

if the U.S. cut it's military budget in half we'd still have ten times the arsenal of any other country...

2003-03-20 13:58:31 ET

Yeah but it's much more fun to squash a cockroach with a MOAB than a shoe.

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