11:00 am - LA was fun, as always...
2003-03-17 06:16:27 ET

I've never really had a bad trip to LA. Except if you count
the time I was going to move in high school and had to come
back after registering for school there.
The club was fun. Good music, talked with a few peeps, and there was a lot of hot chickage there(good eye candy).
If I ever get the chance to stay in hollywood I will not use
priceline again. I was pretty far from everything.
Comfort Inn blows.
I decided to stay and extra day so I rented a car and did
the priceline thing, this time for the valley.
I ended up staying at the Alexander in Woodland Hills.
Very nice area. They gave me a whole suite for 36 bux!
Bowling was fun. DAmn I suck.I don't think I hit a pin
until the second frame.
It was just really cool to see and talk with friends.
There is turmoil at work due to the war and everything.
In about an hour I'll find out about my future.
If I get good news I'll be at C9 in Vegas.

current mood: uncomfortable
current music: Manufactura - Killing You

2003-03-17 06:41:42 ET

Good luck with work, bro.

2003-03-17 07:46:49 ET

sorry i didnt get to make it :(
I was running late, too late to use the pass and too late to call to be on the guest list. and i had just spent an arm & a leg on gas...
glad you had fun, and good luck with work

2003-03-17 07:47:20 ET

and i didnt dj over weekend

2003-03-17 09:57:29 ET

eh.. I've just found out that my employment at Delta Air Lines is on hold..damn war
thanks for the support guys
I will be fine

2003-03-17 12:27:20 ET

damm...i need to get a job with some kind of perks to it :-\
...i want to travel...
good luck with your job though, man :-)

2003-03-20 03:04:08 ET

iiii wanna go to LA :(

2003-03-20 06:40:02 ET

Go to Vegas for convergence!
I hear a lot of people are going.

2003-03-20 14:00:14 ET

d00d I AM going :)
i just need to buy my plane ticket, so it's the right price.
Got my C9 ticket and hotel room reserved :)

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