This summer is going to blow chuncks
2003-07-08 10:37:44 ET

I'm slowly recovering financially.
Still looking for a good job. I'd love something dealing with music. I'd even settle for working nights at some shitty rehearsal studio. I'm waiting to look into getting my ass back in school this fall. For all of you out there who are interested, here is some ELECTRONIC MUSIC EQUIPMENT FOR SALE.

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2003-07-08 10:40:38 ET

Pay Pal only = /

2003-07-08 11:49:22 ET

well... I'm sure some sort of arrangements can be worked out if anyone is seriously interested

2003-07-08 12:59:23 ET

i dunno... i want to get something eventually but i think i may just have to save a little at a time to get anything... or work more....

what i really need is a better job! ;-P

good luck to you though.

2003-07-08 14:01:10 ET

I'm moving everything onto my new laptop so I'm selling some hardware. AND I need the cash so we're pretty much in the same boat.

2003-07-08 17:35:20 ET

good god you updated`

2003-07-08 17:37:11 ET

haha i was thinking the same thing, vix ;-P

2003-07-09 19:46:40 ET

Yup! I think it was Vixaffliction that kept me away from this place!! her and her rude manners...

2003-07-09 19:50:12 ET


2003-07-09 19:51:36 ET

don't listen to that mean old snarf!

2003-07-09 20:02:23 ET

furax, I hope she farts in your face!!!

2003-07-09 20:04:00 ET

what the hell? haha...weirdo :-P

2003-07-10 18:33:15 ET

*farts on snarf* Suck it up , biatch ! hehehehe j/k snarfie

2003-07-10 21:02:43 ET


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