4:09 am - Lothar of the Hill People!
2003-07-26 08:27:35 ET

There is this website out there called Friendster.com?

I'm not sure how many of you use it. I first thought it was pretty stupid. Now I go there everyday.

I now have 466,342 people in my Personal Network. I've found a lot of gay guys on there and some musicians pimping their material.
My mission now on that thing is to get over a million people in my Personal Network and collect every obscure character actor and famous icon out there.

So far I've got as friends: Lothar of the Hill People, Boner Stabone(from Growing Pains), Coach Lubbock, Booger, General Zod, Kurt Angle, Larry Dallas, and more...

I also found the city of Los Angeles yay!!

If you have Friendster, please add me to complete my mission! My email is theelectronicbrain@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

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current music: Cabaret Voltaire - Delmas 19

2003-07-26 10:37:19 ET


2003-07-26 15:01:44 ET

haha... silly!

i only go onto friendster when i get an e-mail saying that someone has added me or sent me a message or something like that.

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