2004-12-02 14:44:32 ET

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[ music | Cervello Elettronico - Brain Damage(Final Mix) ]

Hello everyone in the Washington D.C, Virginia, Delaware, and the Mary-LAND area!!!

This Sunday December 5th, get your ass to KOMMENCEMENT @ Sonar in Baltimore, MD so you can see the snarfness in action. There will be some merchandise(T-Shirts,CDs) at this show. I'm going to debut a few newly mixed tracks, that are on the new album due out spring 2005 Cervello Elettronico - Killer Instinct, and possibly one updated version of an older track off the Elememtary Unit self released EP.

I've also updated some links and stuff on CervelloElettronicoDotCom I still need to change the radio samples everyone must be sick of hearing the same old crap lol I know I am. Hopefully I'll get some new material up.

2004-12-02 21:26:09 ET

damn me for being out of the country again!

2004-12-03 00:54:39 ET


oh, wait that's the same guy.... o_O


2004-12-06 11:42:54 ET

Terrorfakt did not perform that night

2004-12-07 00:54:05 ET

what about Hellraver? lol

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