Nocturnal Creatures 11/19
2004-11-20 17:46:58 ET

The debut of DJ Pawz n Play...

Ironbase - Maschine Eisenbass(VNV Nation Remix)
Tonik - After Effects
Miss Kittin - You And Us
GASR - Conspiracy(Dan Physics Remix)
Benny Benassi - Change Style
BIS - Robotic(Adult Remix)
Terrorfakt - Beyond Embrace
Basement Jaxx - Breakaway
Covenant - Bullet(Felix the Housecat Remix)
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
Goldenboy & Miss Kitten - Rippin Kitten
Ladytron - Seventeen
Adult - Glue Your Eyelids Together
Orbital - Tootled

My first night EVER djing wasn't too bad eventhough my mixing could have used a little help. We got there a little early, had a few drinks including a new favorite Southern Comfort w Lime and bumped into djmaniak and a few old friends. I played all the music I wanted to play(somehow mixed Terrorfakt into an electroclash/electro set lol, people danced, and I was told it could turn into a weekly gig!

Two things that fucked me up with the mixing. After setting up the CUE and I did a dry run in my headphones I couldn't return back to that first CUE. Then I found that I had to move the channel slider, of the incoming song, all the way up to even hear any kind of signal. That was annoying. A lot of cool CUE's were missed. I guess I either need more practice or it's just the equipment.

2004-11-20 21:55:54 ET

I am glad your first night Djing was successful! I can't imagine how it felt to DJ at a club. I have only done small parties and ran the sound board for some of our live performances.

Glad to see you on here again it's been a long time.

2004-11-21 01:12:37 ET

yeah I've totally neglected SK. That's gotta change.

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