11:23 am - Billy Bibbit
2003-02-24 18:31:02 ET

I had no idea the actor who played Billy Bibbit in One Flew
Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Brad Dourif, was Wormtongue in the
second Lord of the Rings movie.

current mood: surprised

2003-02-24 18:32:16 ET

Your avatar is scary. :/

2003-02-24 18:55:18 ET

aww, some people think it's actually cute

2003-02-24 19:01:26 ET

it's snarf....snarf rocks!!!

and brad was really freaky in LOTR II played the part very very well...though i'd have to say my fav role of his is in Alien: Resurection..he's all freaky in that movie too

2003-02-24 19:15:17 ET

ohhhh yeah , I remember him in that too
I need to look him up on imdb.com

2003-02-24 19:43:01 ET

i love that movie

2003-02-24 20:37:45 ET

Wow, he's also the voice of Chuckie in the Child's Play movies!!

2003-02-25 11:48:16 ET

holy crap..didn't know that one..makes him even freakier

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