I need help    2003-04-23 14:12:49 ET
Okay so I have not posted in god knows how long man. I just had my baby girl and started back to work and now the only thing I have been able to do is just make it day to day with out pulling out my hair. No work is cool having the lil one is all good( sleeping only 4 hours a night now that I could drop) Thing is I have a weight issue which I have always had but now I want my hoochie clothes back and I am tired of always wearing my husbands clothes I want to feel sexy again not blah. So any tips on losing weight fast I have 10lbs to drop which doesnt sound like much but hey look at the gallery I dont exactly leave much room in my clothes for extra storage LOL

Good to be back!!!
Going to check on some SK buddies *S*

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