And You?
2004-03-03 02:54:33 ET

Would you could you ??

I would!

2004-03-03 02:57:43 ET

I would if I could should I

2004-03-03 03:03:34 ET

*laughs* why yes in my opinion you should! Go For It!

2004-03-03 03:05:04 ET

You know what, I AM! I CAN! I SHALL! AND HOW!

2004-03-03 06:02:43 ET

And you better think before you act
Better speak before you know
What you’re getting yourself into
And you better see between the lines
Better read into my mind
Without looking in my eyes
-Lennon Murphy, And You

2004-03-03 10:23:16 ET

would i could i... in a box?
would i could i with a fox?


2004-03-04 10:17:49 ET

Happy Birthday to Dr. Suess !!!!

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