happy happy joy joy
2004-07-11 13:22:02 ET

I just got done celebrating my boys birthdays:) They turned six and eleven this month. My oldest son we got him his first drum set. A five piece and the last night of my serenity.

As for the little guy he got everything spider-man and hulk :) We got him a guitar to go along with his new mohawk *S*

Haven't really been able to write in my journal my comp is down. For my birthday I want a lap top but that is in oct, so thats a ways before then. Well I have to run check mail and all that jazz.


2004-07-22 18:05:14 ET

Sucks I had to miss the boys bday party! Also miss chattin with you woman gimme a call sometime =P

2005-05-31 22:35:15 ET

sucks ass when most non precious thing holds the things you like hahaha nice to meet you.

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